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  1. The study skills handbook - Stella Cottrell 2013

    Book Suggested for student purchase This is a great book for honing your study skills. I really recommend you have a look at this.

  2. Cite them right online - Home

    Website Essential This is the online guide to referencing and it is free if you access it whilst on the university network. Still, I prefer to have the written version next to me!

  3. Cite them right: the essential referencing guide - Richard Pears, Graham J. Shields 2016

    Book Suggested for student purchase This is the definitive guide to referencing at the university. I recommend you buy this book and keep it next to you when you are writing assignments. There is an online version which is free to you so you don't have to buy it!

  4. Writing for university - Jeanne Godfrey 2016

    Book Recommended

  5. Getting critical - Kate Williams 2014

    Book Recommended This is a handy guide to improving your critical thinking skills

  6. Planning your essay - Janet Godwin 2014

    Book Optional

  7. Where's your argument?: how to present your academic argument in writing - Helen Cooper, Michael Shoolbred 2016

    Book Recommended

  8. Researching online - David P. Dolowitz, Steve Buckler, Fionnghuala Sweeney 2008

    Book Recommended

  9. The undergraduate research handbook - Gina Wisker 2009

    Book Recommended

  10. Critical thinking skills: developing effective analysis and argument - Stella Cottrell 2011

    Book Recommended This can be a bit heavy going but understanding critical thinking really is an essential skill so have a look.

  11. How to write better essays - Bryan Greetham 2008


  12. Presentation skills for students - Joan Van Emden, Lucinda M. Becker 2010

    Book Optional Some useful hints and tips on presenting

  13. Slideology - Nancy Duarte 2008


  14. Presentation zen: simple ideas on presentation design and delivery - Garr Reynolds c2012