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  1. Documents 3 items
  2. Useful Articles 4 items
    1. Surgical care Practitioner Practice: one teams journey explored - Adrian Jones, Horma Arshad, John Nolan

      Journal  Journal of Perioperative Practice

  3. Some Useful Clinical Texts 5 items
    1. Essential Surgery: Problems Diagnosis and Managment - Clive R Quick Joanna B Reed

      Book Recommended

    2. Macleod's clinical examination - Graham Douglas, E. Fiona Nicol, Colin Robertson 2013

      Book Recommended

    3. Surgical Talk : Lecture notes in Undergraduate Surgery - Andrew Goldberg Gerard Stansby

      Book Optional If you search online you can find this as a PDF !!!

  4. Learning Development 2 items
    1. Study skills for Master's level students: a reflective approach for health and social care - Debbie Casey, Liz Clark, Sally Hayes 2017

      Book Recommended

    2. Critical reading and writing for postgraduates - Mike Wallace, Alison Wray 2016


  5. Useful Websites 3 items
    1. Radiology Masterclass -

      Website Essential Excellent Website with Tutorials for interpreting imaging.

    2. Acadoodle

      Website Optional Excellent Website for Tutorials on ECG's, Blood Gases and Blood Chemistry. Subscription required though for some of the content.

    3. CrashCourse - YouTube

      Audio-visual document Recommended For the Audio/Visual preference learners- this youtube channel covers many different topics. Beware though the pace is unrelenting !