1. Induction and introductory reading 7 items
    1. PGCert National SENCO Award Course Guide

      Document  Essential reading offering an outline of your course, assessment requirements, reading and writing advice and more.

  2. Day 1/Task 1 3 items
  3. Day 2/TAsk 2 0 items
  4. Day 3/Task 3 10 items
    1. ’I’ ll be a nothing’: structure, agency and the construction of identity through assessment - Diane Reay, Dylan Wiliam 06/1999

      Article  Article mentioned by Liz Done to the Plymouth Group. Log in to access full PDF

    2. Policy and practice in primary education: local initiative, national agenda - Robin J. Alexander 1997

      Book  Mentioned by Liz Done - Only available as hard copy from the library, but there are several copies

    3. Doing Foucault in early childhood studies: applying poststructural ideas - Glenda MacNaughton 2005

      Book  A clear and accessible introduction to the ideas of Foucault - in this case applied to Early Childhood Studies.

    4. Foucault, power, and education - Stephen J. Ball, S J Ball 2013 (electronic resource)


  5. General Reading Relevant to This Module 0 items