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  1. Induction and introductory reading 10 items
    1. PGCert National SENCO Award Course Guide

      Document  Essential reading offering an outline of your course, assessment requirements, reading and writing advice and more.

    2. The changing face of special educational needs: impact and implications for SENCOS and their schools - Alison Ekins 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Useful section on leading change.

    3. Salamanca Statement UNESCO 1994

      Webpage Optional A seminal text to be aware of as often cited in the inclusive education literature. Promotes the concept of child-centredness.

  2. Day 1/Task 1 9 items
    1. Mandatory accreditation for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators: biopolitics, neoliberal managerialism and the Deleuzo–Guattarian ‘war machine’ - Elizabeth J. Done, Mike Murphy, Helen Knowler 02/01/2015

      Article Optional Some heavily theoretical critique but also comments on practitioner research to note for M2

    2. Changing concepts of dyslexia: nature, treatment and comorbidity - Margaret J. Snowling 09/2012

      Article Optional Useful if reviewing Rose for T1

    3. When inclusion becomes exclusion - Stuart Powell, Rona Tutt 06/2002

      Article Recommended Argues that inclusive mainstream education cannot support all SEN.

  3. Day 2/Task 2 14 items
    1. Research methods in education - Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion, Keith Morrison 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential A key research methods text

    2. The good research guide: for small-scale social research projects - Martyn Denscombe 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential A key text on research methods and small scale research projects

    3. The wider pedagogical role of teaching assistants - Rob Webster

      Article Optional High profile reseaarch project on TAs

    4. Enhancing learning? A comparison of teacher and teaching assistant interactions with pupils - Christine M. Rubie-Davies, Peter Blatchford, Rob Webster, Maria Koutsoubou 12/2010

      Article Optional

    5. Working with teaching assistants: three models evaluated - Hilary Cremin, Gary Thomas, Karen Vincett 12/2005

      Article Optional

    6. On Becoming a Pragmatic Researcher: The Importance of Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies - Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Nancy L. Leech 12/2005

      Article Optional A reference for mixed methods research strategies. Explores the pros / cons of qualitative and quantitative methods. ['instrument' of data collection = questionnaire]

    7. Attachment and the child in school. Part I - Heather Geddes 01/2003

      Article Optional Broader context / literature review material if researching nurture / Thrive interventions

    8. Attachment and learning - Heather Geddes 01/2005

      Article Optional Sequel paper. Use for Broader Context section if researching nurture / Thrive interventions

    9. Nurturing attachment to school: contemporary perspectives on social, emotional and behavioural difficulties - Paul Cooper 03/2008

      Article Optional Note the 2015 CoP replaces SEBD with SEMH. Useful if researching behaviour policy / leadership in this area.

  4. Day 3/Task 3 15 items
    1. ’I’ ll be a nothing’: structure, agency and the construction of identity through assessment - Diane Reay, Dylan Wiliam 06/1999

      Article  Article mentioned by Liz Done to the Plymouth Group. Log in to access full PDF

    2. Policy and practice in primary education: local initiative, national agenda - Robin J. Alexander 1997

      Book  Mentioned by Liz Done - Only available as hard copy from the library, but there are several copies

    3. Doing Foucault in early childhood studies: applying poststructural ideas - Glenda MacNaughton 2005

      Book  A clear and accessible introduction to the ideas of Foucault - in this case applied to Early Childhood Studies.

    4. Foucault, power, and education - Stephen J. Ball, S J Ball 2013 (electronic resource)


    5. Education, governance and the tyranny of numbers - Stephen J. Ball 04/05/2015

      Article Optional A brief critical view on performance data

    6. Playing the assessment game: an English early childhood education perspective - Jo Basford, Caroline Bath 03/04/2014

      Article Optional Consider the implications for SEND and the CoP.

    7. Standardized testing and the construction of governable persons - CAMERON GRAHAM, DEAN NEU 05/2004

      Article Recommended A critical take on standardised testing

    8. Including Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability in National Assessment: Comparison of Three Country Case Studies through an Inclusive Assessment Framework - Graeme Douglas, Mike McLinden, Christopher Robertson, Joseph Travers 02/01/2016

      Article Optional International comparative study (incl. England)

  5. General Reading Relevant to This Module 9 items
    1. Change management and the SENCo role: developing key performance indicators in the strategic development of inclusivity - Liz Done, Mike Murphy, Mia Watt 11/2016

      Article Recommended Mia Watt is a former student whose M2 research is highlighted here

    2. Policy enactments in the UK secondary school: examining policy, practice and school positioning - Annette Braun, Meg Maguire, Stephen J. Ball 07/2010

      Article Optional Not SEND-specific but opening section describes behaviour management as 'control'

    3. The teacher's soul and the terrors of performativity - Stephen J. Ball 04/2003

      Article Recommended Key critical text on accountability or the audit culture in education

    4. What counts as evidence of inclusive education? - Lani Florian 03/07/2014

      Article Recommended Florian is a key figure in SEN education / teacher training

    5. Developing inclusive education systems: the role of organisational cultures and leadership - Mel Ainscow, Abha Sandill 06/2010

      Article Optional International perspective on inclusion

    6. Beyond a psychology of student behaviour - Roger Slee 02/01/2015

      Article Recommended Slee is a key figure in the field of inclusion

    7. Simply academic? Why children with special educational needs don’t like school - Selina McCoy, Joanne Banks 02/2012

      Article Optional The literature review section is recommended for special school SENCos.

    8. Action research for improving educational practice: a step-by-step guide - Valsa Koshy, Valsa Koshy, ProQuest (Firm) 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Unlimited library access available

    9. Action research for improving educational practice: a step-by-step guide - Valsa Koshy, Valsa Koshy, ProQuest (Firm) 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Unlimited library online access

  6. Action research for improving educational practice: a step-by-step guide - Valsa Koshy, Valsa Koshy, ProQuest (Firm) 2010 (electronic resource)