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  1. Criminology as a Research Enterprise 5 items
    1. Situated Objectivity - MALCOLM WILLIAMS 03/2005

      Article Optional If you are interested in exploring the objectivity / subjectivity debates further this may be of interest. It touches on the short discussion we had during the induction session.

  2. The Problematic of Criminology 29 items
    1. Social measurement through social surveys: an applied approach - Martin Bulmer, Julie Gibbs, Laura Hyman c2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This e-textbook provides a good overview of how different social concepts are defined and operationalised. There is a useful chapter on Defining and measuring Crime.

    2. Is Violent Crime Increasing or Decreasing? a New Methodology to Measure Repeat Attacks Making Visible the Significance of Gender and Domestic Relations - Sylvia Walby, Jude Towers, Brian Francis 11/2016

      Article Recommended This is a useful article to read as an example of the methodological challenges in developing measures of criminology concepts. The example in this article is violet crime and repeat incidents.

    3. Readings on Research Design

    4. The practice of market research: an introduction - Yvonne McGivern 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Read Chapter 'The Process of Research Design p59-71'

    5. “Soft” policing at hot spots—do police community support officers work? A randomized controlled trial - Barak Ariel, Cristobal Weinborn, Lawrence W Sherman 2016-9

      Article Optional An example of research using an experimental randomized control design

    6. Can’t Count or Won’t Count? Embedding Quantitative Methods in Substantive Sociology Curricula: A Quasi-Experiment - Malcolm Williams, Luke Sloan, Sin Yi Cheung, Carole Sutton 06/2016

      Article Optional An example of quasi-experimental design applied in a HEI setting.

    7. A cross-sectional survey of children's packed lunches in the UK: food- and nutrient-based results - C. E. L. Evans, D. C. Greenwood, J. D. Thomas, J. E. Cade 01/11/2010

      Article Optional An example of a cross-sectional design study using a survey that collects observational data on pupils pack lunch contents.

    8. Interviewing

    9. Social research: issues, methods and process - Tim May 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended READ CHAPTER 6: Interviewing: Methods and Process

    10. Readings on Ethnography

    11. Readings on Survey Method

    12. Social research: issues, methods and process - Tim May 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Read Chapter 5: Social Surveys: Design to Analysis

    13. Readings on Sampling

    14. Chapter 8 Sampling

      Chapter Essential Key reading on Sampling

    15. Mixed Methods Research

    16. An overview of mixed methods research – revisited - Louise Doyle, Anne-Marie Brady, Gobnait Byrne 12/2016

      Article Recommended Provides an introduction to mixed methods research sequences

    17. Mixed Methods Research: Brief introductory video

      Website Recommended Overview of approaches to mixed methods research

    18. The Research Proposal Assessment.

    19. 10 Writing a Research Proposal

      Chapter Essential

  3. Ethical Criminology Research 5 items
    1. People First: Probation Officer Perspectives on Probation Work - Jill Annison, Tina Eadie, Charlotte Knight 09/2008

      Article Essential

  4. Reflexivity in Research 2 items
  5. Research Critiques Assessment 7 items
    Select one journal article form the list below for this assessment. See the module guide for further details on the assessment criteria and requirements.
    1. A Leap of Faith? Trust in the Police Among Immigrants in England and Wales - Ben Bradford, Elise Sargeant, Kristina Murphy, Jonathan Jackson 31/12/2015

      Article Essential

  6. 10 Writing a Research Proposal