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Name Code Type
BA (Hons) Applied Media 4566 Programme
BA (Hons) Applied Media 4565 Programme
BA (Hons) Contemporary Creative Practice 4690 Programme
BA (Hons) Contemporary Creative Practice 4689 Programme
BA (Hons) Digital Art and Technology 4314 Programme
BA (Hons) Digital Media and Animation 4041 Programme
BA (Hons) Film & Amp; Television Production 5893 Programme
BA (Hons) Fine Art 4027 Programme
BA (Hons) Fine Art 506 Programme
BA (Hons) Graphic Communication with Typography 3887 Programme
BA (Hons) Illustration 3888 Programme
BA (Hons) Internet Design 4940 Programme
BA (Hons) Media Arts 662 Programme
BA (Hons) Media Arts with English 495 Programme
BA (Hons) Photography 3889 Programme
BA (Hons) TV Arts 3851 Programme
BSc (Hons) Digital Art and Technology 4315 Programme
BSc (Hons) Internet Design 4941 Programme
MA Contemporary Art Practice 4316 Programme
MA Contemporary Art Practice 4105 Programme
MA Contemporary Film Practice 3067 Programme
MA Creativity and Enterprise 4040 Programme
MA Media Convergence 4158 Programme
MA Photography 4706 Programme
MA Photography and the Book 3432 Programme
MA Photography and the Land 3840 Programme
MA Publishing 4570 Programme
MA/PgDip Fine Art 4166 Programme
MA/PgDip Publishing 2812 Programme
MFA Creative Practice 4224 Programme
MFA Photographic Arts 4707 Programme
MPhil Planetary Collegium 5334 Programme
MPhil/PhD Art & Media 4185 Programme
MPhil/PhD Planetary Collegium 4189 Programme
MRes Digital Art and Technology 3008 Programme
MRes Film and Video 3842 Programme
MRes Photography 3841 Programme
PhD Art & Media 4186 Programme
PhD Planetary Collegium 4190 Programme
ResM Digital Art and Technology 4881 Programme
ResM Film and Video 5220 Programme
ResM Fine Art 5219 Programme
ResM Photography 4849 Programme

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