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Name Code Type
Anthropology 6236 Programme
Arts, Entertainment & Visual Anthropology ANTH402 Module
BA (Hons) Acting 5222 Programme
BA (Hons) Art History 665 Programme
BA (Hons) Creative Arts Management 5692 Programme
BA (Hons) Dance 5852 Programme
BA (Hons) Dance Theatre 3431 Programme
BA (Hons) English 661 Programme
BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing 2806 Programme
BA (Hons) English and French 4203 Programme
BA (Hons) English and Spanish 4204 Programme
BA (Hons) English with French 1253 Programme
BA (Hons) English with History 1526 Programme
BA (Hons) English with Media Arts 489 Programme
BA (Hons) English with Publishing 5212 Programme
BA (Hons) English with Spanish 3605 Programme
BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History 2126 Programme
BA (Hons) History 1473 Programme
BA (Hons) History and Art History 4488 Programme
BA (Hons) History with English 1519 Programme
BA (Hons) History with International Relations 2876 Programme
BA (Hons) History with Media Arts 1520 Programme
BA (Hons) History with Politics 2875 Programme
BA (Hons) International History 5680 Programme
BA (Hons) Music 2399 Programme
BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance 1896 Programme
BMus (Hons) Professional Music Studies 4532 Programme
Exchange: Theatre and Performance 3654 Programme
Fieldwork & Ethnography ANTH403 Module
Humanities International Summer School 9221 Programme
Introduction to Anthropology ANTH401 Module
MA Archival Practice 6238 Programme
MA Choreography 4942 Programme
MA English and Culture 4480 Programme
MA English Literature 6046 Programme
MA English Literature 6047 Programme
MA History 4479 Programme
MA Performance Training 4944 Programme
MA Performance Training Professional Development - Non Credit-Rated 9263 Programme
MA Performance Training Professional Development- Credit-Rated 9264 Programme
MA Social History 3120 Programme
MA/MFA Choreography Professional Development - Credit-Rated 9262 Programme
MA/MFA Choreography Professional Development- Non Credit-Rated 9261 Programme
MA/PgDip Creative Writing 2810 Programme
MA/PgDip Performance Practice 2809 Programme
MFA Choreography 4943 Programme
MFA Performance Training 4945 Programme
MPhil Humanities 3529 Programme
MPhil/PhD Humanities 766 Programme
MPhil/PhD Performing Arts 4187 Programme
MRes Art History 3568 Programme
MRes Computer Music 4039 Programme
MRes Dance 3569 Programme
MRes English 3572 Programme
MRes History 3573 Programme
MRes Theatre and Performance 3570 Programme
PgCert The Speaking Dancer: Interdisciplinary Performance Training 4402 Programme
PhD Humanities 3530 Programme
PhD Performing Arts 4188 Programme
Research Skills in the Arts and Humanities 9023 Programme
ResM Art History 4848 Programme
ResM Computer Music 5216 Programme
ResM Dance 5217 Programme
ResM English 4850 Programme
ResM History 5218 Programme
ResM Humanities 4274 Programme
ResM Theatre and Performance 4788 Programme

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