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Name Code Type
Advanced Oceanography of shallow seas, remote sensing and modelling 9340 Programme
Advanced Postgraduate Skills 4667 Programme
BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare 4174 Programme
BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation Science 4672 Programme
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences 4 Programme
BSc (Hons) Biosciences 4673 Programme
BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology 4453 Programme
BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology 2552 Programme
BSc (Hons) Environmental Biotechnology 5471 Programme
MPhil Agriculture and Food 3467 Programme
MPhil Biological Sciences 3465 Programme
MPhil/PhD Biological Sciences 1 Programme
MSc Sustainable Aquaculture Systems 3606 Programme
MSc/PgDip Zoo Conservation Biology 2678 Programme
Ocean Modelling 9337 Programme
PgCert Research Methods 2228 Programme
PhD Agriculture and Food 3468 Programme
PhD Biological Sciences 3466 Programme
ResM Agriculture and Food 4401 Programme
ResM Biological Sciences 4066 Programme
ResM Equitation Science 4322 Programme

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